Saturday, January 17, 2009

NC State 76, Georgia Tech 71

Box Score

NC State
Four Factors
Turnover Rate28.6
Off Reb Rate40.0
Georgia Tech
Four Factors
Turnover Rate28.6
Off Reb Rate44.4

          Pts   Poss    Off_Eff   Def_Eff
GT 71 77.0 92.3 98.8
NCSU 76 77.0 98.8 92.3

-- Naturally Georgia Tech picked today to hit its outside jumpers and free throws. Naturally. I was so sure we were toast when Lewis Clinch hit a couple of threes late that I flipped over to watch the end of the Maryland/FSU game. Credit to the guys for a strong late rally, and this time, they finished.

-- I propose we play with ultimate frisbee rules from here on. No dribbling under any circumstances.

-- Note photo credit. I was wondering what Ken was doing perched up on the shot clock all afternoon.

-- I'm sure Tech was feeling pretty good when Brandon Costner fouled out, but little did they know that this played right into our hands. You don't want to wake the flaming tattoo.