Saturday, January 03, 2009

Florida 68, NC State 66

Box Score

NC State
Four Factors
Turnover Rate29.3
Off Reb Rate38.1
Nick Catharsis
Four Factors
Turnover Rate19.5
Off Reb Rate31.0

          Pts   Poss    Off_Eff   Def_Eff
UF 68 61.4 110.7 107.4
NCSU 66 61.4 107.4 110.7

-- If you'd shown me the Pack's four factors prior to the game, I'd have said we'd won comfortably, even with the bad TO%.

-- Three losses. Three losses in the final minute. Does that strike anyone else as cruel and unusual?

-- For my purposes, I'm going to assume the possessions were split evenly between the two halves. In that case, the Pack turned the ball over 40% of the time in the second half. State managed 15 FGAs and 14 FTAs in the 2nd; Florida, meanwhile, got 25 and 18, respectively.