Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Items

-- No, I do not want to buy a mini-pack. Please stop asking me. Splash pages are fairly common on athletics websites, but most of them, like Boston College's, offer an option at the bottom to permanently bypass them. GoPack.com's splash page? No such option. Super annoying.

-- Ken Tysiac caught up with Ben McCauley:

Q: Did you lose weight during the offseason?
A: About five to eight pounds.

Q: How did you do it?
A: Eating right. Not eating the North Carolina food that gets you overweight. Not barbecue, stay away from the sweet teas and stuff like that. Making sure I eat right and work out every day.

No barbecue/sweet tea? Isn't that grounds for deportation to other, lamer states?

-- Triple option growing pains: Georgia Tech has fumbled 26 times in 8 games. We're second with 18, though we've been incredibly fortunate to lose just four of those.

-- Gregg Doyel needn't speak to earn the douchebag label; his picture suffices.

-- College Basketball Prospectus is here. Some details about the book, which I expect to be chock full of basketball geek awesome, are here.