Monday, October 02, 2006

BlogPoll Ballot -- Week 6

Last week's ballot is located here. As always, the week's official BlogPoll will appear at mgoblog on Wednesday.

1Ohio State--
2Michigan 1
3Auburn 1
4Southern Cal 2
7Louisiana State--
8West Virginia--
10Notre Dame--
11Tennessee 1
12Clemson 1
13Oregon 2
14Georgia Tech 8
15Oklahoma 1
16Georgia 2
17Cal 1
18Florida State 1
19Iowa 8
21Virginia Tech 4
22Rutgers 1
23Wake Forest 1
24Boston College 1
25Missouri 1

Dropped Out: TCU (#21).

Games Watched: UVA vs. Duke (but only until my eyes started bleeding), Illinois vs. Michigan State, Georgia Tech vs. Virginia Tech, Alabama vs. Florida, Houston vs. Miami, Kansas vs. Nebraska, Ohio State vs. Iowa, Minnesota vs. Michigan, Tennessee vs. Memphis, Auburn vs. South Carolina, Rutgers vs. USF


-- Ken Tysiac has Michigan at #5 on his ballot and the Wolverines are #6 in this week's AP poll. Ohio State is the clear #1, and you could make an argument for ranking Auburn ahead of Michigan, but what have Southern Cal and West Virginia done to show that they are better than UM? Aside from the Buckeyes, Michigan is the best team I've seen.

-- I couldn't believe how good Georgia Tech was for the first ten minutes against VPI. It's like they forgot they're coached by Chan Gailey. I think the Jackets are going to find themselves in Jacksonville playing for the ACC title.

-- I really think Clemson is the class of the ACC...the question is whether or not they can avoid stubbing their toe. I have a hunch that Clemson rolls over Wake this weekend, yet I won't be surprised in the least if Wake wins. Another [illogical] hunch: Wolfpack 24, Seminoles 21.