Wednesday, June 28, 2006

BlogPoll Roundtable: EDSBS Edition

The latest roundtable requires us to consider life without the alma mater. The alternative can be terrifying.

1. Education. List the region of the country you were born in, what universities you attended and at least one other you would have attended if your alma mater didn’t exist.

Born in Raleigh, NC. I was raised as an NC State fan (my parents conveniently forgot to tell me what they were getting me into), so I decided early on that I was going to school there. I graduated from NCSU in May of 2005 with a B.A. in History. If NC State didn't exist, I'd have probably attended Arizona since I actually went to high school in Tucson.

I would've been at the UofA during the John Mackovic era...ewwwww. I saw enough bad football in high school. I don't need John Mackovic.

On the plus side, though, Lute Olson > Herb Sendek.

2. Sports Affiliations. List your top 10 favorite teams in all of sports in decending order. For instance, your alma mater’s football team may be number 1, but perhaps there is a professional team that squeezes in before you get to your alma mater’s lacrosse team.

Seven's the best I can do:

7) Assorted NCSU non-revenue sports
6) New York Giants
5) NC State baseball
4) Chicago White Sox
3) Carolina Hurricanes (just by a hair over the White Sox)
1a & 1b) NC State football and basketball. I really can't choose one of these over the other. I prefer college football in general, but when it comes specifically to NC State, I agonize equally over hoops and football.

3. Movies. List the movie you’ve watched the most, your favorite sports related movie, the movie you secretly love but don’t like to admit it (possibly a chick flick or b film), and the movie you were (or still are) most looking forward to from this summer’s season.

Watched The Most: Aliens
Fave Sports-Related: Field of Dreams
Guilty Pleasure: Commando (bad guys holed up on island just so Arnold can go to said island and blow everything up...what's not to like?)

4. Music. List your favorite band from middle school, high school, college and today. Also, as with the movies, include the song you secretly love but don’t like to admit. If Nickleback is involved in any of these responses, please give a detailed explanation as to why, god, why.

Middle School: Green Day
High School: Radiohead
College/Today: Joy Division
Guilty Pleasure Song: "Out of Control," Hoobastank (it really hurts to admit that)

5. Books. Favorite book you’ve finished, worst book you’ve finished and the book you really should read but haven’t gotten around to it.

Favorite: Dune
Worst: The Scarlet Letter (Which is not to say it's poorly-written...just interminable.)
Eventually: 1984

6. Travel. Favorite city you’ve every been to and the one place you still must visit before you shuffle off this mortal coil.

Favorite: Chicago (So I'm not the most well-traveled...)
Must Visit: Rome

7. What do you love most about college football in 20 words or less?

The noise, fight songs, students standing for the whole game.