Tuesday, October 18, 2005

BlogPoll Ballot -- Week 8

My submission from last week is available here. This week's edition of the BlogPoll will be published tomorrow in the usual place.

Rank TeamLast Week
1 Southern Cal1
2 Texas2
3 Virginia Tech3
4 Georgia4
6 FSU4
7 Miami (FL)7
8 UCLA11
10Notre Dame10
11 Texas Tech18
12Penn State12
13Ohio State15
15Boston College19
20West VirginiaNR
22Michigan State17
25Georgia Tech25

Dropped out: Louisville, Baylor, Arizona State

Games viewed: Clemson vs. NCSU (well, part of it...), Wake vs. BC, Wisconsin vs. Minnesota, Michigan State vs. tOSU, Northwestern vs. Purdue, Louisville vs. WVU, Florida vs. LSU, USC vs. Notre Dame

Certain Poll Items:
-- Yeah, so all the staring-blankly-at-the-screen in the world didn't really help me compile the latter half of the poll. I went around looking at other people's submissions in the hopes of finding some comfort. Didn't help, either.

-- West Virginia, TCU, and Virginia are new to the poll this week. I realized I couldn't ignore the Mountaineers any longer. Virginia got a big win at home, and the TCU has, well, they've just been winning.

-- I realized I couldn't fit Arizona State in, even though they were in last week's poll. They did nothing to justify the drop (considering they didn't play), but it became too difficult to convince myself to rank a 3-3 team. It was difficult enough keeping Georgia Tech in there.

-- LSU dropped a few spots despite beating Florida. Probably because I saw that game.

-- I considered several teams near the end of the poll, including a couple that dropped out: Iowa, Fresno State, Nowledge, Arizona State, Louisville, Michigan

-- Would-be surly commenters: I beseech you. Have mercy.