Wednesday, October 12, 2005

BlogPoll Ballot -- Week 7

This week's edition of the BlogPoll is available here. My ballot from last week is here.

Rank TeamLast Week
1 Southern Cal1
2 Texas2
3 Virginia Tech3
4 Georgia5
5Florida State6
6 LSU 8
7 Miami (Fl)9
8 Alabama10
10Notre Dame12
11 UCLA 20
13Penn State25
15Ohio State4
17Michigan State21
18Texas Tech23
19Boston College24
23Arizona State12
25Georgia Tech22

Ain't Ranked No Mo': Michigan, Texas A&M

Games Viewed:
NCSU vs. Georgia Tech, Marshall vs. VPI, Wake Forest vs. FSU, Wisconsin vs. Northwestern, Kansas vs. K-State, UVA vs. BC, Georgia vs. Tennessee, UNC vs. Louisville, Texas Tech vs. Nowledge, Arizona vs. USC, tOSU vs. Penn State, Cal vs. UCLA

Couple notes:
-- In relation to the BlogPoll, I seem to be over-valuing LSU and Auburn every week. This is mostly because of how I treated them after losing: LSU fell from 3rd to 9th, Auburn from 16th to 20th. Since then, wins by the Tigerseses coupled with losses by the teams around them have elevated them a little higher than perhaps they should be. Maybe I didn't punish them enough for losing. I'll re-evaluate before next week's submission.

-- I was going to drop ASU this week, but after getting to the end of the ballot, I realized they were still better than the alternatives. That said, the Sun Devils have run out of leeway. If they don't start playing better, I'll drop them without thinking about it.