Tuesday, October 04, 2005

BlogPoll Ballot -- Week 6

Last week's BlogPoll is here. My week 5 ballot is here.

Rank TeamLast Week
1 Southern Cal1
2 Texas2
3 Virginia Tech5
4 Ohio State4
6 Florida State7
7 Tennessee8
8 LSU9
9Miami (FL)10
11 Florida3
12Notre Dame14
13Arizona State12
18Texas A&M18
21Michigan State13
22Georgia Tech22
23Texas Tech23
24Boston CollegeNR
25Penn StateNR

Hasta lasagna: Minnesota, Purdue

Games viewed this week:
Saturday: VT vs. WVU, UVA vs. Maryland, Michigan vs. Michigan State, Baylor vs. Texas A&M, Clemson vs. Wake Forest, Florida vs. Alabama, USC vs. ASU, Notre Dame vs. Purdue

Ballot Notes:

-- I don't really like Penn State that much, but, like, who else is there?

-- Losses by teams in the 15-20 range of last week's ballot have forced me to jump a few teams higher than I'd prefer to.

-- Arizona State only loses one spot after their effort against Southern Cal. Maybe that's not enough, but I couldn't justify ranking them behind the teams in their immediate rear. Conversely, I might've dropped Michigan State too far.

-- Scott Podsednik just hit his first homerun of the season! Holycrapdudes.