Monday, September 12, 2005

BlogPoll Ballot -- Week 3

Last week's BlogPoll can be viewed here. My week 2 ballot is here.

Rank TeamLast Week
1 Southern Cal1
2 Texas2
3 LSU3
4 Florida5
5Ohio State6
6 Tennessee7
7 Georgia8
8 Virginia Tech9
9Notre Dame17
11 Purdue11
14Miami (FL)14
15Georgia Tech18
18Arizona State15
20Texas A&M21
22Boston CollegeNR
23NC State23
24Texas Tech24

Done Gone: Virginia, Oklahoma

Games viewed this week:

Thursday: Okie State vs. FAU
Friday: Pitt vs. Ohio
Saturday: K-State vs. Marshall, ND vs. Michigan, Clemson vs. UMD, Tulsa vs. Oklahoma, UNC vs. GT, Iowa vs. Iowa State, South Carolina vs. Georgia, Boise State vs. Oregon State, Wake vs. Nebraska, Southern Miss. vs. Alabama, Texas vs. tOSU, LSU vs. ASU

-- I've seen snippets of every team in the poll except (I'm not counting highlights, naturally): Florida, Tennessee, Louisville, Purdue, Texas Tech

-- No changes in the top three, although, like everyone else, I'm a little concerned about LSU after watching them give up a ton of passing yards to ASU.

-- I was impressed with Ohio State despite the loss, so I didn't penalize them for it.

-- Not surprisingly, Notre Dame is the big jumper. I'm not sold on them as a top ten team, but I had to get the Irish in before Michigan...and I didn't want to drop Michigan any lower.

-- Purdue had a "hmm...interesting" game (which, in this case, is not good) this week. I am gonna wait and see.

-- ATL boob Chan Gailey and his team crack the top fifteen. Oh, how it pained me...

-- I'm coming around to Boston College, and I felt like Clemson's road win over the Terps (combining with the aTm win) made it pretty damn tough not to rank them.