Tuesday, September 06, 2005

BlogPoll Ballot -- Week 2

The first week of games are done, and now it's time to evaluate and rank. You'll find last week's BlogPoll here and my week 1 ballot here.

Rank TeamLast Week
1 Southern Cal1
2 Texas2
3 LSU3
4 Michigan4
6 Ohio State9
7 Tennessee5
8 Georgia14
9Virginia Tech10
11 Iowa13
14Miami (FL)7
15Arizona State17
17Notre DameNR
18Georgia TechNR
21Texas A&M15
23NC State24
24Texas Tech25

Grabbin' Some Bench: Boise State, Bowling Green

Games viewed this weekend (at least 15%):

Thursday: Vandy vs. Wake Forest, UCF vs. South Carolina
Friday: Indiana vs. Central Mich (I considered not admitting this), Arizona vs. Utah
Saturday: Miami (OH) vs. tOSU, TCU vs. Oklahoma, BGSU vs. Wisconsin, Colorado State vs. Colorado, Air Force vs. Washington, Navy vs. Maryland, Boise State vs. Georgia, Texas A&M vs. Clemson, Georgia Tech vs. Auburn
Sunday: Virginia Tech vs. NC State
Monday: Ole Miss vs. Memphis, Miami (FL) vs. FSU

Lots to consider after the first week. Poll thoughts:

-- Top four teams either held serve or didn't play. No changes there.

-- I didn't want to rank anyone at #5. Since I wasn't impressed with the outcome of that Tennessee/UAB game, I had to drop Tennessee, which left me with a problem. Florida's in at #5 and tOSU follows the Gators. I don't like tOSU at #6, but I don't prefer any of the teams behind them, either.

-- I nearly stuck Georgia in at #6. They're still jumped a lot.

-- I came away from the Miami/FSU game feeling like the Canes were definitely better, but the Seminoles got scoreboard. FSU checks in ahead of Miami this week.

-- Notre Dame and Georgia Tech jump well into the poll. I really liked what little I saw of the Domers; as for Tech, if Reggie Ball can play consistently well, they can beat anyone in the ACC.

-- A few teams were unimpressive in victory and dropped a spot or five. Virginia's struggles with Western Michigan, along with Rob in Madtown's comments, made me drop them to the end of my ballot.