Thursday, February 21, 2008

Blessed be the coachman who put me in the hearse.

Box Score

NC State
Four Factors
Turnover Rate25.9
Off Reb Rate30.0
Four Factors
Turnover Rate15.8
Off Reb Rate42.4

          Pts   Poss    Off_Eff   Def_Eff
UNC 84 69.5 120.8 100.7
NCSU 70 69.5 100.7 120.8

It's tough when you know that on any given night, you're going to put yourself at a disadvantage because of certain things you can't--or won't--do. We will turn the ball over more often than our opponent; we will get out-rebounded. And we'll thus have to fight uphill through a negative shot attempt differential in order to keep the game close and/or win. Wednesday was no different. The number of ACC teams we've managed to beat in both the TO and rebounding categories this season: zero.

Gavin said it earlier this week--we absolutely had to have the Carolina game. There's an obvious emotional letdown that comes with falling short in a self-imposed do-or-die situation, so it'll be interesting to see how the team approaches the rest of the season.