Sunday, February 11, 2007

Barbarism Begins At Home

Box Score

NC State
Four Factors
Turnover Rate19.8
Off Reb Rate27.6
Four Factors
Turnover Rate14.9
Off Reb Rate55.3

How do we allow Miami to grab 55% of its misses when other, far more proficient offensive rebounding teams haven't come close to that preposterous level of success? How does a 6-5 walk-on who came into the game averaging 4 rebs/40 minutes in conference play grab nine offensive rebounds by himself (while NC State had eight offensive boards as a team)? It's best not to ponder these things.

80 pts allowed / 60 possessions = a defensive efficiency of 133.3. Our worst defensive showing in conference play.

Despite this oh so odious outing, I'm keeping the faith. We're going to get to the NIT.