Tuesday, September 19, 2006

BlogPoll Ballot -- Week 4

Note: the deltas are messed up because I accidentally forgot to submit a ballot last week. My week two ballot can be found here.

1Ohio State 25
2Southern Cal 24
3Auburn 23
4Michigan 22
5Florida 21
6Texas 20
7Louisiana State 19
8West Virginia 18
9Louisville 17
10Notre Dame 16
11Iowa 15
12Georgia 14
13Virginia Tech 13
14Oregon 12
15Oklahoma 11
16Tennessee 10
17Boston College 9
18Clemson 8
19Florida State 7
20TCU 6
21Cal 5
22Nebraska 4
23Arizona State 3
24Penn State 2
25Michigan State 1

Dropped Out: Miami (Fl), Texas Tech


-- After their trouncing of Maryland, I'm starting to believe in the Mountaineers, and they've gotten a big bump from me. Steve Slaton is pretty good.

-- Ohio State earned the #1 spot with the best win of the season. I haven't cooled on USC at all.

-- The Oregon/Oklahoma debacle presented an interesting situation for this week's ballot. Do I take the results straight up and rank the teams accordingly, or do I consider that Oklahoma really did win that game? I moved both teams up.

-- As always, I try to rank teams by the who-is-better-than-who principle. Which is why teams like LSU, Oklahoma, and Tennessee haven't dropped too far with losses. They are where they are because I think they're better than the teams I have behind them.

-- TCU and Michigan State are new to the poll this week.