Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Wolfpack Players' Conference-Only Stats -- Thru Reg Season

You can compare the numbers below to the players' full season stats (glossary), though I think it's more interesting to compare them to the numbers from the midway point of the conference slate.

Conference Games Only
Player%MinO Rtg%Poss%ShotseFG%Reb%OR%DR%FTR
Ilian Evtimov69.711318.
Gavin Grant50.79521.520.544.313.07.517.656.3
Cam Bennerman79.011820.222.559.
Tony Bethel84.510616.419.
Ced Simmons69.911421.
Engin Atsur86.111217.519.755.
Andrew Brackman44.610921.522.551.29.86.812.252.4

Notice that Tony's O Rtg dropped from 120 to 106 over the course of the last eight conference games, and his eFG% dipped from 67.6% to (a still very good) 60.7%. But hey, he did up his free throw rate! Fifteen of his 16 in-conference free throw attempts came during the second half of the season.

I find Ced's final rebounding numbers to be disappointing. He's been far too inconsistent on the glass, and he's the guy who can most significantly impact the team's rebounding fortunes during any given game. We know it isn't a question of athleticism or jumping ability, because Simmons wins almost every opening tip and he can get up with anyone. It's technique. And effort. At this point in the season it should be better than what we've seen. Ditto for Andrew Brackman.

Give some credit to Gavin... his final O Rtg still ain't pretty, but it is better than his mid-season number. He's cut his turnovers down, and that's the main source of improvement.

Conference Games Only
Ilian Evtimov31.123.502.11.2613.
Gavin Grant14.323.
Cam Bennerman18.517.
Tony Bethel28.824.
Ced Simmons16.
Engin Atsur27.
Andrew Brackman16.318.

[PF = personal fouls; the last four columns are per-40 minute stats]