Monday, January 02, 2006

ACC Individual Stats Leaders

Now that we're about to get serious and head into the conference schedule, I think it's time I posted a few numbers.

My statistics are up-to-date with the exception of a couple of the games played today. I've ranked the top fifteen players in several statistical categories. To be eligible, a player must have logged at least 30% of his team's minutes (so about 12 minutes per game).

If you need definitions/more info on any of the statistics below, go here. There's also plenty of information here.

Points per 40 Minutes
Rank PlayerPts/40
1 JJ Redick29.0
2 Al Thornton25.3
3 Reyshawn Terry23.4
4 Shelden Williams23.2
5Ekene Ibekwe22.9
6 Tyler Hansbrough21.9
7 Justin Gray21.9
8 Eric Williams21.3
9Sean Singletary21.1
10Coleman Collins21.1
11 Chris McCray21.1
12Danny Green21.0
13Robert Hite21.0
14Alexander Johnson20.2
15Travis Garrison20.1

Offensive Rating
Rank PlayerO Rtg
1 Andrew Wilson140
2 Wes Miller132
3 Chris McCray129
4 Robert Hite128
5JJ Redick128
6 Jared Dudley126
7 Engin Atsur125
8 Shelden Williams125
9Trent Strickland123
10Ilian Evtimov123
11 Anthony Morrow121
12Al Thornton121
13Tyler Hansbrough119
14Travis Garrison118
15Sam Perry118

Rank Player%Poss
1 Sean Singletary30.8
2 Reyshawn Terry27.9
3 JJ Redick27.7
4 Al Thornton27.2
5Justin Gray27.1
6 Alexander Johnson26.1
7 Ekene Ibekwe25.8
8 Gavin Grant25.3
9JR Reynolds25.3
10Danny Green25.3
11 Shelden Williams25.2
12Guillermo Diaz24.9
13Shawan Robinson24.9
14Sean Marshall24.8
15Coleman Collins24.7

Rank PlayerPPWS
1 Diego Romero1.55
2 Andrew Wilson1.54
3 Chris McCray1.44
4 Chris Ellis1.41
5Engin Atsur1.37
6 Shelden Williams1.35
7 Trent Strickland1.35
8 JJ Redick1.33
9Tyler Hansbrough1.33
10Tyrese Rice1.30
11 Andrew Brackman1.30
12Al Thornton1.29
13Ilian Evtimov1.29
14Robert Hite1.28
15Wes Miller1.28

Rebounding Percentage
Rank PlayerReb%
1 Jason Cain20.4
2 Al Thornton19.2
3 Gary Hamilton19.0
4 Shelden Williams18.2
5Travis Garrison17.9
6 James Mays16.9
7 Ekene Ibekwe16.8
8 Akin Akingbala16.7
9Anthony King16.6
10Jeremis Smith16.1
11 Alexander Johnson16.1
12Ra'Sean Dickey14.9
13Cedric Simmons14.6
14Coleman Collins14.5
15Leslie Visser14.4

Turnover Rate (best)
Rank PlayerTO%
1 Sam Perry10.6
2 Coleman Collins10.7
3 JJ Redick11.2
4 Jared Dudley11.5
5James Gist11.6
6 Mamadi Diane12.0
7 Travis Garrison12.5
8 Lee Melchionni13.0
9Cam Bennerman13.4
10Deron Washington13.6
11 Ilian Evtimov13.9
12John Oates14.7
13Shelden Williams14.9
14Lewis Clinch15.1
15Robert Hite15.3

Turnover Rate (worst)
Rank PlayerTO%
1 Tunji Soroye40.3
2 Greg Paulus33.1
3 Bobby Frasor32.5
4 Zam Frederick32.0
5Diego Romero31.0
6 Louis Hinnant30.5
7 Chris Ellis29.6
8 Jimmy Graham29.6
9Harvey Hale28.9
10Laurynas Mikalauska28.2
11 Uche Echefu28.1
12Alexander Johnson27.9
13Tyrese Rice27.2
14D'Andre Bell26.9
15Theodis Tarver26.8