Monday, November 07, 2005

BlogPoll Ballot -- Week 11

My ballot from last week is here.

Rank TeamLast Week
1 Southern Cal1
2 Texas2
3 Miami (FL)6
4 Alabama4
5Virginia Tech3
6 LSU8
7 Georgia9
8 Notre Dame10
9Penn State11
10Ohio State12
11 Florida State5
15West Virginia18
18Texas Tech20
20Georgia Tech22
22Fresno State24
25Boston College17

Dropped Out: California

Games Viewed: BC vs. UNC, Iowa vs. Northwestern, Tennessee vs. Notre Dame, NCSU vs. FSU, A&M vs. Texas Tech, Miami vs. VPI, Stanford vs. Southern Cal

Poll Items:

-- Like many people, I'm hopping Miami into the 3-spot. I didn't punish Virginia Tech too much despite the 20-point margin since I still think they deserve to be ranked ahead of the teams in the 6-9 range.

-- I'm not sure how I feel about West Virginia in the top 15...I mean, I kinda like them, but I also kinda don't like them. Team's pretty good, quarterbacks are meh.

-- Colorado enters my ballot for the first time this season. Boston College hangs on by a thread. Losing to Carolina is totally ewww gross and firm grounds for punishment; however, I also have to recognize that the Heels have a solid, bowl-caliber team. That literally hurt to type.