Wednesday, July 27, 2005

"Outback Bowl, that's about it."

In yet another story about Steve Spurrier, ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski talks about the hoopla that will surround this year's SEC Football Media Day.

A couple of paragraphs near the end help redeem the article:

He gave me a tour of the new football facility attached to one end of the concrete stadium. He showed me the football-only weight room, the sprint track, the state-of-the-art film rooms. But there was an awkward silence when he stopped at the sparse trophy case, which featured hardware from a 2001 Outback Bowl victory.

"Outback Bowl, that's about it," said Spurrier, who won a national championship, seven SEC titles, and 122 games during his 12-year stay at Florida. "Yep, Outback Bowl."

Do you think the Old Ball Coach looks at that trophy case and has second thoughts?